Who is Sage Screenprinting?

President of Sage Screenprinting, Dan, unloading a truck loaded with shirts.



Sage Screenprinting was born February 1st, 2018, when Dan Petruccelli split from his previous company to shift his focus to providing the best prints for his clients. He has learned a lot about the screen printing industry since he began printing for his first band in 1999. In that time, his hobby turned from an obsession into a thriving and successful occupation. With his vast knowledge of the process, and his own creativity and ideas, it's common that owners of other screen printing companies will contact him for help with their projects. When he isn't slinging ink, Dan can be found smashing skins as the drummer of his band, Gateway To Hell.

When Dan decided to form Sage Screenprinting, he invited his two most trusted employees, Gary Fry and Aaron Smith, to join him. With their organization, eye for detail, and passion, they solidify the team that is Sage Screenprinting. Gary spends his time playing with his bands, Crawler and Musket Hawk, as well as helping out weekly serving food with Food Not Bombs. Aaron can be found playing in his band Garbage Masher, and walking the love of his life, his dog, Ramona.


Gary preparing screens for the next job