Maryland Deathfest XV screen printed poster

Screen Printed Posters

With over 17 years in the screen printing industry, we have had many challenging posters, but have always succeeded in achieving the smallest details in our prints, as well as super tight registration. Whether you're looking to print on colored paper, specialty paper such as holofoil, or sticking to bright white paper, we can guide you through the process to get you the print of your dreams.

6 color screen printed t-shirt for Gutter Garbs

Making your favorite t-shirt in your closet

We understand that the more someone wears your shirt, the better it is for you! That's why when we bought our automatic press for textiles, we spared no expense in getting an industry top of the line ROQ screen printing press. Not only is it so well made that it doesn't ever break down, but it allows us to get bright, tightly registered prints while keeping the feel super soft. Combine that with quality tees and it's a recipe for your favorite shirt to wear!

Artist Linas Garsys signing the prints he designed for the band Tiger Army


You have put a lot of time into your name, products, and designs, so we completely understand you want the best! We strive to not only give you something you're excited about, but that we're proud to have produced!

Trucker hats for band Bridge To Divide


We enjoy everything about screen printing and have experience working with many different items such as hats, koozies, record covers, headbands, and even metal flasks!  Most other companies will turn you away, but we excel at the challenge!

Blacklight posters for a show featuring Pentagram, Brant Bjork, Royal Thunder, and Black Wizard


There are so many wonderful exciting ways to make your print stand out where you need it.  Our team has spent countless hours searching for new ways to make your product unique with blacklight inks, glitter inks, puff inks, textured paper, shiny paper, and more!  Want to add that extra wow to your product?  Ask us how!